About Ambleside Village

“Ambleside Village is located about 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver and 2 hours from Whistler.” – AmblesideVillage.ca

Ambleside is a special place, not only for West Vancouver but for the entire North Shore and beyond. Communities all around Vancouver have been known to pack up the essentials and head over to Ambleside beach for a number of activities including picnics, sun-bathing, swimming in the ocean, attending numerous festivals, playing baseball, soccer, beach volleyball and more. The Ambleside dog park has become quite popular, and at any given time you can find dozens of furry friends enjoying a frolick in the sand and grass (in a designated area). Ambleside Village also boasts a humble, yet great shopping area; which transforms into an outdoor Farmer’s Market every summer. Its safe to say that without Ambleside, West Vancouver simply wouldn’t be the same.

What to do at Ambleside Village?

Coffee & Dining

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